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Why You Should Sign Up for the Caucasian Challenge

Adventure lovers – pay attention! If you’re looking for the next big thing to get the adrenaline pumping while throwing in a heavy dash of travel on the way, then pay attention this post is for you! Also, if you’ve been on the fence about joining the Caucasian Challenge, we’re just about to make your life a little easier with this post. Here are the reasons why you should sign up for the Caucasian Challenge!

1. Reclaim Adventure


Have you ever thought that the world is getting far too safe and far too boring? Do you feel suffocated by all the health and safety regulations out there? Then we’ve got the perfect antidote. Get a car – any car, it could be a tank for all we care – get it to Istanbul and drive off into the unknown lands of the Caucasus for some good old-fashioned adventure!

 2. Go Off the Beaten Track


If you tell people you’re going to Georgia, they tend to assume you’re going to the US State. When you attempt to explain that there is a country called Georgia – they’re still confused. Georgia and Armenia, once part of the Soviet Union, are not exactly places that people can point on a map easily, which means you not only get to be special by going somewhere completely new, but you’ll also get away from all those pesky tourists and get the chance to literally drive off the beaten track.

3. You Get to Visit a Country That Doesn’t Exist


If you thought that Georgia and Armenia were obscure enough, then think again. We’ll drive through the de facto state of Nagorno-Karabakh – officially a part of Azerbaijan, but controlled by Armenia. Sounds a little risky, doesn’t it? Well, no one has had any problems on the Caucasian Challenge in the past 7 years, not to mention the area is relatively stable considering the history, so it’s not a suicide mission, just the right amount of uncertainty to keep the adrenaline running. The only thing you might have to risk is being black listed by Azerbaijan should you want to visit in the future, but we can guarantee you that it doesn’t get more off the beaten track than this!

4. Enjoy Local Hospitality


The Caucasus region is famous for local hospitality. When you break down on the roadside (it will happen), the locals will stop and help you, offer you tea or local firewater known as chacha, most likely a ton of food and invite you into their homes. You will need to prep your stomach and liver to cope with the mountains of excellent food and good local wine. You will be treated like a part of the family and leave the Caucasus with new friends. But be warned, drinking with Georgians can get risky, in a fun way!

5. Meet Other Nutters Like You


If you thought you were unique in your love for crazy adventures, then we’re here to prove you wrong! Join a community of like-minded adventuring nutjobs who like getting their car stuck in a ditch in an obscure country to braving the local loos. You’ll be travelling in your own team, doing your own thing, but you’ll get to share all the crazy stories with the other participants over a beer in the evening. We’ve had people become lifelong friends, formed new relationships and even get married on the Caucasian Challenge before

6. Drive Through Amazing Scenery


Do you like mountains and driving on the beach? In that case, you’ll love the Caucasian Challenge! We’ll rev up the Turkish Black Sea coastline from Istanbul to the Georgian border, with a stop in Sinop along the way. You can even take your chances at driving along the beach, although we’ve had a team get stuck in the sand that way – extra fun! Not to mention we’ll drive through the Greater Caucasus Mountains and through mountainous Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh.

 7. Race into History


Channel your inner Indiana Jones as we explore these ancient lands. We’ll pass by historic mountain settlements with medieval defensive towers, ancient Armenian monasteries and cities that were once hubs on the Silk Road. Turkey and the Caucasus have fascinating history and culture. Did you know that Jason and the Argonauts went to Georgia, then Colchis, looking for the Golden Fleece? These are lands steeped in legend, so why not create your own epic tale?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Caucausian Challenge!

Liked this article? Getting itchy feet to travel and find adventures? Then join us on the next Caucasian Challenge. Then get a team together and lets see you at the starting line! If you want to join us in spirit, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to keep up with our latest antics.

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