flags of the caucasian challenge

What is this all about?

This is a ‘drive-your-own-vehicle’ adventure that takes you through mostly unknown yet tumultuous regions you may have only heard about on the world news. You will journey through Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia.

The finish line is in Yerevan, the magnificent capital of Armenia.  More exciting than going to a museum, the route takes you straight into the cradle of Christianity, the heart of the former (and recent) conflict zones of Northern Georgia, and Nagorno Karabah. But make no mistake: this is not regular tourism this is a discovery, a revelation.

What is the concept?

The Caucasian Challenge is a minimal assistance motor rally. Forget those ideas about specialized racing vehicles. Our idea of a tricked out and dependable rally vehicle is an old Soviet Lada with fuzzy dice. Anything you want to race in from cars to trucks or mopeds is okay with us. We like simple cheap cars that are easy and sorta fast to fix so you get all the adventure of making friends in strange places without ending your race. But it’s up to you, really.

Minimal assistance means that there are no support vehicles or a cadre of professionals waiting for you at checkpoints. We scout the route in advance, prepare a detailed list of “comfort” resources and give you a comprehensive Road Book but once you’re on the road you must entirely depend on your own skills, endurance, luck and ingenuity to get you to the finish line. Base hotels (or camps) are established for each night.  Like everything else in the Caucasian Challenge there are a zillion ways to reach each goal along the way and only you and your team decide what’s the best or most fun way to do it.

Besides if everyone did the same thing what would you talk about at all the nightly parties?

Why are we doing this?

We go outside the usual vacation spots and leave the safety of our normal lives behind to do what all great explorers have done: discover. It doesn’t particularly matter what we’re discovering, whether it’s a new culture, cuisine, personal revelation or just what the toilets look like in a new country. But discovering new things, meeting new people and being alive in completely unexpected ways is the thing that drives us to make it through long work weeks (or months) with a sparkle in our eye.

We know how liberating and intense a journey like this can be. Perhaps, like us you’ve already caught the bug.