caucasus safety

Is it Safe to Travel in the Caucasus?

  It is very safe to travel in the Caucasus. On the edge of Europe and Asia, more famous as a destination for war reporters than tourists, people may worry whether travelling in the Caucasus is safe. We at the Travel Scientists┬átravel to the region each year on the Caucasian Challenge, and we reckon it’s […]

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10 Ways to Have an Adventure in the Caucasus

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for the next fix? Then we’ve got the doctor’s prescription for you right here! If you’re sick of all the tourists clogging up the streets of Thailand and Cambodia trying to find enlightenment in┬áthe next bar, then you’ll want to head over to the South Caucasus. This region on […]

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Aliens endanger the route of the Caucasian Challenge!

Breaking news! This is coming directly from a well known worldwide news agency and has to be taken absolutely seriously. It seems that besides land mines left behind after the Balkan wars, hair-raising curves and serpentines of the Bosnian mountains, and lethal strong local rakija, participants need to face another serious threat during their trip. […]

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