Our Packages

The Travel Scientists’ attitude is that exciting travel challenges are your right, not just a luxury reserved for a wealthy few. We love to enjoy the company of a wide ranging and diverse collection of fellow explorers from across the entire spectrum of social strata. We create solutions specifically to allow anyone with a hunger for adventure to get involved with The Caucasian Challenge and experience this amazing adventure for themselves.


795 €/person

We provide you with the basics like rally gear, a roadbook and a social infrastructure on the way.

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1245 €/person

We provide you with the important rally basics and additionally organize your accommodation.

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Kilometers to drive
Countries to visit
Days of Adventure
Stories to tell
What Your Money Gets You
(Per person)
(Per person)
    Hotels included
Rally gear
Event shirt and cap
Essential maps
Road book
Kick-off and finish parties
Visa assistance (basic)
Road maps (hard copies)
Hotel package
Price 795 € 1245 €
Rally gear Team numbers, stickers, event pass, etc.
Event shirt and cap Your one and only Central Asia Rally uniform!
Essential maps Digital (scanned) high resolution and high detail maps covering the complete route of the Great Balkan Ride.
Road book Your ultimate survival guide, the comprehensive road book with daily itineraries and everything you need to know for completing the rally.
Kick-off and finish parties Celebrating the start and the finish, both parties with free drink coupons!
Visa assistance (basic) Will let you know what to do, how and who to ask but you need to do the whole visa procedure.
Road maps (hard copies) Hard copies of the best maps for the Balkans.
Hotel package Accommodation reserved for the whole length of the trip, all the hotels, motels and guest houses en route.
On The Road Costs

Besides which package you opt for (with or without accommodation) and the the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle, the amount you'll need will depend upon what you want to eat and drink along the way and a whole host of other considerations. To help make this less abstract we’ve put together a table of high and low range options for a team of two (see below).

You can make it even cheaper if you want to, a 3rd or 4th team member is a good solution for cost saving (on petrol, etc). If you go for the Standard Package, your accommodation will be completely covered by your entry fee, so all you need to calculate is what you'll spend on your trip.

Costs Low(er) budget
for 2 people
High(er) budget
for 2 people
Visa 30 € 30 €
Vehicle Insurance 50 € 50 €
Petrol 520 € 600 €
Highway Toll 30 € 30 €
Accommodation 650 € 850 $
Food & Drinks 250 € 400 €
Car Repairs 150 € 300 €
Bribes 40 € 40 €
TOTAL 1630 € 2350 €

Please Note: It’s also important to have some reserve cash in case of emergency, since not all countries are required to save your ass if you can’t pay for it on the spot. We’d ballpark it at around 2,000 Euros for the team.