Vehicle Rules

This is the easy part… there aren’t any*!

We at the Travel Scientists won’t tell you what to drive, nor how to drive it. You may be as bizarre with your choice of transportation as you wish. Want to scale The Caucasian mountains in a combine harvester? Take a custom made hot rod on the road to Yerevan? That’s fine. We have no issues with whatever weird and wonderful vehicle you wish to take, even if it’s just a beat up old Fiat left to you by a dead relative – And we won’t mind if it wasn’t designed with four wheels in the first place.

Obviously there is a tendency to believe the best vehicles for the Caucasian Challenge will be of the luxurious 4×4 variety. We, however, have found that once beyond the safety net of “civilization” these complex vehicles can be awfully tricky to fix should something go wrong. Therefore we advise sticking to more mechanically simple vehicles that can be repaired by the side of the road if things go awry. Our adventure research staff have created The Caucasian Challenge in such a way that it allows all the same opportunity to compete on an equal footing irrespective of their vehicle or experience. From old clunkers fit for the scrap heap through 2WD hatchbacks all the way to the weird and wacky, we’ll ensure you’ve a road to get where we’re going.

* Participants should be aware that vehicles whose movement may contravene regional peace treaties, local ceasefires or the rules of specific demilitarized zones in the areas visited are barred from entrance in the Caucasian Challenge.



Purchasing a vehicle especially for the rally and selling it afterwards is a good option for everybody who wants to leave their luxury limousines safe in their garage. It can require substantial time and effort though, both prior to and after the event, that participants will need to take into account when planning to use this option.



Transfer or shipping of your own vehicle to and from the event can be organized by our staff if contacted far enough in advance of the event. Our team are ready to assist in any way necessary to get you to the start line so contacting them to arrange these tailored packages.