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Ladies & Gentlemen - Start Your Engines!
Ladies & Gentlemen - Start Your Engines!

We'll celebrate the start of the Caucasian Challenge in Istanbul, the ancient Turkish gateway linking east and west. Then we’ll leave it quickly behind as we pass into Georgia, away from the Black Sea coast and into the mountains near the mountain town of Mestia. Through Tbilisi and Kapan we'll finish in the busy streets of the Armenian capital Yerevan after 4000 km of fun, challenge and adventure.

Caucasian Challenge Rally
A Challenge Not A Simple Cake Walk
A Challenge Not A Simple Cake Walk

Off the beaten track there are no simple roads where we're going. Be prepared to weather hardships including cranky commissars, vodka-and-tea-fueled escapades, baking sun and withering cold, delectable native cuisines, frantic passage through the manic mayhem of murderous border crossings. Taste bizarre liquors of questionable origin, sample rock slides, the likelihood of some brief nudity from your fellow adventurers, and as much bracing mountain air as you care to enjoy. All in the company of like-minded folk and some of the nicest, most hospitable people in the world.

The Challenge, The Adventure, The Journey
The Challenge, The Adventure, The Journey

You will find no greater thrill or sense of satisfaction than pulling up to the finish of The Caucasian Challenge in Yerevan, capital of Armenia. You’ll have traversed seemingly endless mountain roads that and you’ll have struggled through to man-handle your vehicle down washed-out roads. You’ll have shared an adventure with your fellow participants few can hope to beat. With new friends and new stories to tell this is an experience that will live on for the rest of your life.

The Caucasian Challenge is a unique adventure and it's easy to get involved right now!  

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Highlights of the Caucasian Challenge


The ancient gateway where west meets east across the Bosporus, this is the perfect start to the Caucasian Challenge.

Sinop Beach

The beautiful Black Sea coast calls as you look out over one of the most changeable and exciting seascapes in the world.

Rioni River

Georgia’s historic capital gives a taste of authentic Georgian city living, overlooked by the 11th Century Bagrati Cathedral.

Stalin’s Birthplace

Stalin’s hometown, much damaged during 2008 war with Russia, has a complicated relationship with its most famous resident.


Mysterious Svaneti, looked over by imposing mountains, is famous for its unique stone towers, and traditional way of life.

Caucasian Mountains

Drive through their majestic beauty with snow-capped peaks and deep gorges.


The Georgian capital is a vibrant eclectic city with attractions that will keep you entertained well into the night.

Lake Sevan

The so-called ‘Jewel of Armenia’, surrounded by both hills and ancient monasteries, is the region’s largest lake.

Ancient Monasteries

Visit ancient sacred places in the world’s oldest christian country, drenched in history and sometimes also blood.

Caucasian Feasts

Enjoy delicious but unpronouncable food (like khachapuri, khinkali and phkali…) in Georgia, which has the world’s oldest wine-making tradition.

Nagorno Karabakh

This disputed territory, between Armenia and Azerbaijan, has dramatic scenery and rich history, but still poses a high risk of violence.


A veritable feast of culture, cuisines and famously hospitable people where you'll celebrate finishing the Caucasian Challenge.