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The Caucasian Challenge may evoke two weeks of complete insanity, however, the most important reality check that needs to happen is giving back to local communities we encounter. Teams come from every corner of the globe but we are not average tourists. Not only do we aim to explore the long isolated and unknown but to contribute along the way.

The charity program is not required of all participants but greatly enhances the sense of satisfaction that teams experience. Plus we think it’s the right thing to do.

We look around and explore what a certain institution needs and we urge our teams to do their own research gathering as much in kind donations as they can. Family, friends, colleagues and sponsors can always help and it’s a great experience to personally hand over the boxes of gifts you collected.

For overseas participants we recommend fundraising for which we set up a website so they can contribute our work and help us reaching our charity goals. Needless to say 100% of the money collected goes to the charity organization and we receive a detailed report on how the money has been used. Also you can visit their establishment to see where the money’ going to go.


Support Mission Armenia NGO!

Keeping our practice bringing tangible goods with us as donations, we will try even harder in 2015 and wish to help more people in a country that offers so much when we travel across. For that we partnered with Mission Armenia, a leading NGO in Armenia helping thousands of people, the poorest of the poor in daily survival.

Mission Armenia has numerous projects throughout the country (please visit their website) so keeping focused we set a goal to help refugee familes / children without a home, living in temporary establishments. Most of these people are refugees escaping from the 1988-1991 pogroms and bloodshead in Baku, Azerbaijan. There are children who were born in these ‘temporary’ refugee camps and where their parents or grandparents live for more than 20 years now…

The situation we encountered while visiting these establishments was absolutely heartbreaking to say the least… families with 3 children living in a 12 sq. meter room with no water or bathroom… making it their home.

Mission Armenia is the only organization helping these needy people and they do an excellent job literally saving lives and helping desperate people to find the meaning of life again…

Please help us so we can help them!

There are 2 ways you can help.

1) In kind donations

Whatever we bring to these people is an enermous help since they’re lack virtually everything.
To narrow this down a little bit we made a list of goods they definitely need but you don’t need to follow this list only. If you have resources for other goods, just let us know!

– basic medicines, bandage, first aid equipments
– blood pressure meter, diabetic blood testers, thermometers, other medical instruments
– toys, games (without the language barriers)
– clothes, both winter and summer, for adults and children
– laptops, computers, peripherials, IT-related stuff
– stationary, all sorts of creative tools, dough, colour pencils, crayons, paper, etc.
– sport equipments, all kinds

2) Fundraising

We’re raising money so Mission Armenia can continue their extremely important work and make the terribly difficult daily life of these people just a bit more easy. We can’t change their life overnight, but if they can repair a roof before it falls on their head or they can improve their health services a bit so people won’t die just for the lack of medicines – it’s already worth it. EVERY penny counts.

Other Ways You Can Help


There are millions of Armenians at every corner of the World for instance who might show their patriotism by donating. Or just any people feeling they can afford a few bucks to help some people in miserable situation beyond their control.

Spread amongst friends, colleagues, relatives, use the social networks so more people are aware of what we’re working on. We do appreciate your help.


In 2010 we supported the Zatik Orphanage which operates in the outskirts of Yerevan.
There are 70 boys and girls living there, 7 to 18 years old. We are glad that our donations (sport goods, computers, toys, clothing and many more) have landed at the right place and hope that our gifts will help the everyday life of the kids.

Thanks for all the teams who participated in the charity program and all the team members who visited the orphanage!


Caucasian Challenge Charity Program 2009:
Stepanakert Children’s House No. 1. in Nagorno Karabakh