I Went, I Saw, I Gave

Various pockets of the regions we pass through on the Caucasian Challenge are in a desperate race for survival in face of a lamentably declining quality of life as noted by global indexes measuring poverty, health and corruption. Civil wars, high unemployment, economic underdevelopment and a lack of investment can mean the average wage in many locations is barely adequate to live on.

Part of our ethos at the Travel Scientists is to spread a little happiness as we go by and try to give something along the way to those that do not share our advantages. We are determined to leave places better off than when we arrived, however small our assistance may be in the grand scheme of things. Participation in, or organization of, charitable activities on the Caucasian Challenge is by no means mandatory however the satisfaction to be gained from giving to disadvantaged local communities, in concert with NGOs like Mission Armenia (http://www.mission.am) has often been an emotional high point for many of our adventurers and we would encourage any and all efforts you wish to make.