Start of the Journey: Turkish Delight

It’s not the Caucasus, but we love Turkey.


hagia sophia


On the Caucasian Challenge, we focus on, predictably, the Caucasus, particularly Georgia and Armenia. However, we spend the first two days of our adventure in Turkey, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We start in Istanbul, one of the world’s greatest cities, spend another night camping right beside the glorious Black Sea. That’s not all: check out the highlights of our days in Turkey.


Roads of the Caucasian Challenge

The Caucasian Challenge features roads of many kinds.


driving in georgia


The Caucasian Challenge is a driving event. Sure, we see astonishing nature, learn some history, and party with locals. However, anyone can fly to the Caucasus, but the true highlights of the trip are remote and scenic places that are only accessible by car. Driving in the Caucasus can be an interesting experience, and you’ll also encounter roads of many different sorts. Here are just some of the kinds of road that we drive each year on the Caucasian Challenge!


Driving in Georgia

We love driving in the Caucasus, but you should be prepared…


driving in georgia


The heart of the Caucasian Challenge is driving. True, we have great parties, make new friends, and learn about a fascinating region. However, the real adventure is found on the roads of the Caucasus, and it is driving that allows us to see places that other visitors can’t. It’s not always easy though, and driving in Georgia, in particular, can pose challenges even to the most experience participants. However, it’s well worth it, and well… we love it. Here’s what you need to know about driving in Georgia.



Borjomi: The Source of Soviet Water

A little Georgian town produced the most famous water in the Soviet Union.



The Caucasian Challenge is all about adventure: expect stunning scenery, bumpy roads, and crazy nights. However, if you’re fueled by beer and strong spirits, eventually you’ll need to have some water. And when you do, it’ll undoubtedly be a bottle of Borjomi.



Lake Sevan: “Bigger Than the Pacific Ocean”

Lake Sevan is known as the Jewel of Armenia.


lake sevan


When the Caucasian Challenge reaches Armenia, we head straight for Lake Sevan. The Caucasus’ largest lake, it is dotted with ancient churches, and set against a backdrop of snow-touched mountains. We often camp on its shore, mesmerised by its tranquil blue water. Here is everything you need to know about Lake Sevan.


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