A Brief History of Armenian Brandy

Said to be Churchill’s favorite, Armenian brandy has become the country’s proudest export. While Georgia has gained its fame for its wine, in Armenia it’s the brandy that has a solid international reputation.

Armenian Brandy

However, it wasn’t always so. In the period immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reputation of Armenian brandy suffered and production fell into decline, until the French Pernod Ricard group bought the Yerevan Brandy Company. (more…)

7 Reasons to Visit Tbilisi

It’s easy to fall in love with Tbilisi. Whether you’re walking through crumbling Old Town with its sagging balconies being pulled down by ivy or cosmopolitan Rustaveli Avenue, home to the Georgian parliament and Tbilisi’s best museums, oriental style opera house and designer shops, the city never fails to seduce its visitors.


Perhaps the most enchanting thing about the Georgian capital is its dramatic setting combined with its rich history. Set against the rocky hillsides cut by the Mtkvari River, Tbilisi’s old town winds round the narrowest part of the valley, crowned by the Narikala Fortress on one side and the golden roof glinting on top of the Sameba Cathedral. (more…)

7 Local Dishes to Try in the Caucasus

One of the most important cultural experiences a traveler can have is eating and drinking. While driving through the Caucasus is a stunning and unforgettable challenge, navigating yourself through food in Georgia, Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan is also an adventure in itself.

Caucasus Food

Eating in the Caucasus is a big deal, but for first time travelers, the menu on offer might seem intimidating, so we’re going to give you the top dishes to try from around the region. (more…)

Caucasian Curiosities – 5 Weird Places to See in the Caucasus

Anyone who has been to the Caucasus will tell you it’s a strange place. You grow to expect the unexpected, whether you’re on a mountain road winding through Svaneti or in a bar in Yerevan. However it’s the quirky eccentricity of the region that makes the South Caucasus a destination for the adventurous traveller.


But just to spice things up, here are some of the weirdest or quirkiest sites in the area. (more…)

Six Sites of Northern Turkey You Must Visit

As the crowds flock to Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches, the greenery of its northern Black Sea coast remains untouched by mainstream tourism.

Northern Turkey

Turkey’s Black Sea region is not only a lush cornucopia of nature, but it is also the gateway into the Caucasus, with the main road running along the length of Turkey up into the province of Adjara in Georgia and beyond. (more…)

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