The Importance of Mount Ararat

Explaining Mount Ararat, at the heart of Armenian culture.



On the final day of the Caucasian Challenge, as teams make the drive from Tatev Monastery to the rally’s final destination Yerevan, participants are treated to one of the most spectacular views of the trip. To the West appears a spectacular two-peaked mountain, Ararat. The highest point has an elevation of over 5000m. This is the symbol of Armenia, although nowadays it’s across the border in Turkey. Here’s what you need to know about Mount Ararat.


The Essential Places to Go in Georgia

Introducing the essential places to go in Georgia. 



The Caucasian Challenge will reach Georgia on the 17th of August, and we’re already excited. There’s so much to explore, from the seaside sun of Batumi to the bustling energy of Tbilisi. Our list of essential places to go in Georgia includes the most famous sights, but also some hidden treasures.


What to do in Istanbul Before the Caucasian Challenge

Here’s what to do in Istanbul.


what to do in istanbul

Photo by Pedro Szekely


The Caucasian Challenge kicks off in Istanbul on August 15th. Whether you are arriving having just completed the Great Balkan Ride or you are fresh for your first adventure of the summer, we recommend you arrive early. Not only so you have time to check your vehicles are in top shape, or to meet other participants, but also so you can explore this magnificent city. In truth, mere days are insufficient, but if you want a taste of what makes it such a special place, here’s what to do in Istanbul.


Explore the Balkans and the Caucasus this Summer!

Combining the Great Balkan Ride and the Caucasian Challenge is this summer’s ultimate adventure.



Our new adventure, the Great Balkan Ride, is sure to be a lot of fun: it features historic Sarajevo, undiscovered Albania, and ends on the beach in Greece. The Caucasian Challenge, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is also set to be an extraordinary adventure: from magnificent Istanbul to eclectic Yerevan, plus exploring Georgia’s incredible variety and heading way off the beaten track in Armenia. If only there was a way to combine them, you might wonder? Well there is. Here’s how:


The Crazy Alphabets of the Caucasus

The crazy alphabets of the Caucasus seem to always say the same thing: that you are very far from home.


crazy alphabets of the caucasus


On the Caucasian Challenge, we travel a very long way, and at no time is this more noticeable than when attempting to read signs! Both Georgia and Armenia speak unique languages, which each have their own alphabets. While it’d be useful to learn some local phrases, the chances of you being able to understand signs (like the one above, which says Zestafoni) are slim. But still, here is what you do need to know about the crazy alphabets of the Caucasus.



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