“S” is for Suzani: the Splendid World of Uzbek Embroidery

And so, after silk printing and ikat, onto the third amazing member of the Uzbek textile tradition: the splendid world of Suzani, the ancient art of embroidery. Behold the world where magic is wrought with every stitch.


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More Encores with a Difference in Georgia – Part Three: Spas

Welcome back. In this third and final part of this mini-series (previous parts here and here) we’re adding a water-infused twist of sublimity that will restore body and soul to full working order after the delicious arduity your Caucasian Challenge. Shift into a lower gear and into the effervescent world of…



More Encores With a Difference in Georgia: Part Two

So, right as we promised, here’s part two in our Letting Your Inner Chuck Norris Loose in Georgia series, in case your Caucasian Challenge has wound up in Yerevan and you’re still finding that you’re up for more. After Part One’s trekking-themed piece, today we’ll take a look at a second way of honoring your itinerant adventurer side, and turn our gaze to…

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More Encores With a Difference in Georgia: Part One

Okay, this one may not be for all of you. After all, your ten-day Caucasian Challenge, a 4000-kilometre trek, complete with all manner of built-in challenges, should suffice to fully tease out your inner Badass Adventurer of the Wilderness. However, some of you may be harboring a side an order of magnitude up from this, an inner Chuck Norris, if you will, one who may still be chomping at the bit in anticipation of still more action-packed adventure, while his co-adventurers cool their heels and warm their stomachs in Yerevan. If this is indeed you, and you are ready for several more days of showing the world who’s boss, we take a respectful step back and lay on the table this mini-series of extra action in gorgeous Georgia. We’ll kick off with…

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The Encore to Your Caucasian Challenge You Never Knew Existed

Let’s mentally fast-forward to the 11.58 stage of your trip: day ten of your blood-pumping, muscle-ripping, and, yes, jaw-dropping adventure, which finds you in magnificent Yerevan, marveling at its sights in a lower-than-usual gear – solely in aid of cultural appreciation of course, and no way because you (now officially Badass Adventurer of the Wilderness, you) may be feeling muscles you never knew you had, of course. But in case the sound of “spa”, “soothe”, and “revive” make you sit up and pay attention just a bit, keep listening, because the encore to round off your adventure is closer than you think. As a mere 50 kilometers from you, surrounded by serene alpine meadows, lies the unheard-of and unpronounceable town of…

The Golden Palace hotel in Tsaghkadzor. Photo source: https://commons.wikimedia.org

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