In Praise of Georgian Food: Khinkali

If you want to eat Georgian food, khinkali are an excellent place to start. These tasty dumplings are popular throughout the country. Be sure to try them if you visit, just make sure you eat them correctly!  




While there are many delicious dishes to try in Georgia and the Southern Caucasus, when it comes to Georgian food, khinkali are truly essential. They are a perpetual feature of supra (feasts) but also a regular sight at restaurants and cafes, eaten by tourists and locals alike. It’s common to share an order among friends with each individual eating anything between five (normal) and ten (normal if you’re hungry) or more (normal if you’re hungry and Georgian). Deciding how many to order can be tricky since they vary in size. Generally, the more authentic the restaurant, the bigger the khinkali!

Sighnaghi: Georgia’s City of Love

Sighnaghi, in the eastern province of Kakheti, has a reputation as Georgia’s city of love (and wine…)



Sighnaghi, only 100km’s drive east of the capital Tbilisi, is known as Georgia’s city of love, and for good reason. Locals often compare the hilltop town to Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet, and it has everything you might need to a romantic getaway: picturesque views, old stone architecture, and a lot of wine…

Geghard Monastery, Armenia

Adjacent to the gorgeous Garni gorge is Geghard Monastery, – named after the spear that stabbed Jesus – , an equally spellbinding sight that was carved out of cliffs in the 4th century A.D. The Geghard monastery complex is cut into the rock, which illustrates the very peak of Armenian medieval architecture. The complex is set into a landscape of astonishing natural beauty and surrounded by towering cliffs at the entrance of the Azat Valley.



Essential Georgian Phrases

Georgia is a wonderful country to visit, and don’t be put off by the complicated language and mysterious alphabet. With these essential Georgian phrases you’ll have no trouble getting by!


essential georgian phrases


Wherever you go it’s worth learning a little bit of the language, but that’s especially true in Georgia. Though younger people often speak English, older generations are usually far more proficient in Russian. The best thing is that so few foreigners speak Georgian that if you give it a try the locals will really appreciate your effort!

Garni Gorge, Armenia: A Geological Wonder, Topped with a Temple

Just to the southeast of Yerevan lies a piece of geological oddity, a place at once puzzling and awe-inspiring, like some giant celestial sculptor’s discarded toy that he made for his own entertainment.


Garni gorge

Photo by Liangtal Lin


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