For the Gourmet- Adventurers: Dishes not to miss in Istanbul

One of the most exciting parts of each journey is the culinary one. New dishes, unusual herbs and spices, unknown flavors – indulging in the cuisine of another country surely already has added one or two kilo to your hips. Joining the Caucasian Challenge you’ll have the chance to eat your way through Istanbul’s restaurants and street stalls, before your adventure starts. This list of dishes miss in Istanbul is, of course, not exhaustive and completely biased by our own culinary taste.
dishes not to miss in Istanbul

(More or Less) Useful Turkish Phrases

When you are traveling, learning a few bits and phrases of the language is a sign of respect and wherever you go you will be welcomed by the locals. There is not too much time left till the Caucasian Challenge kicks off in Istanbul, but it’s just enough to brush up your Turkish, which you will definitely need during the first two stages of the journey. So here are some basic useful Turkish phrases that will come in handy for sure!


usefull turkish phrases

Photo by Mehmet Cetin/


10 Things to do in Yerevan Once the Journey Ends

You have finished the amazing Caucasian Challenge and, after living so many adventures, you are not eager to return home so fast. No problem! The finish line, Yerevan, offers enough activities to make your stay there fun and interesting. Here are some of the most exciting things to do in Yerevan:


The Best Beaches of the Turkish Black Sea Coast

Now that the summer is around the corner, many of us can’t stop thinking about lying in a sunny beach, feeling the sun in your face before jumping into the wavy, chilly and salty sea water. Enjoying a nice beach day is not in conflict with a rally adventure, and during the Caucasian Challenge you will drive across the northern seaside of Turkey. These are some of the best beaches of the Turkish Black Sea coast that you can enjoy on the way!


Photo by SaraYeomans.


Jason and the Argonauts in Georgia: the Golden Fleece of Kutaisi.

The city of Kutaisi is the second largest city of Georgia, only after the capital Tbilisi. However, its history goes back to ancient times where legends and reality get mixed: Kutaisi, capital of Colchis, was the land where Jason and the Argonauts arrived in their search for the legendary Golden Fleece.

12622620523_74f24044f9_z (1)

Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi. Photo by Roberto Strauss.


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