Racha – Georgia’s Forgotten Mountain Region

Racha might not be Georgia’s best known or even most visited mountain region, but it’s one of our favourites. Not only do you have stunning scenery, but also historic monuments along with excellent food and wine, which is why we’re big fans of Ambrolauri and include it on our itinerary on the Caucasian Challenge.


While most tourists to Georgia flock to Kazbegi, Sveneti, Tusheti and Khevsureti, the region around Racha is often forgotten about or left to those who are really passionate about visiting Georgia. (more…)

Drinking in Nagorno-Karabakh

We love so many things about the mountainous de facto state of Nagorno-Karabakh. From the crumbling roads and ancient monasteries to the warmth and local hospitality of its people, we never fail to enjoy our time in Nagorno-Karabakh on the Caucasian Challenge. Just like our escapades in Georgia and Armenia, we like to drink local, but in this mysterious autonomous state most of the world doesn’t recognise as a country – what is the best traditional tipple to try?



How to Put a Caucasian Party Together

It’s been almost a month since we came back from the Caucasian Challenge, and here at Travel Scientists’ HQ in Budapest, we’re already missing the Caucasus. We miss the open, and pothole-filled, roads, the hospitality and the parties.


So what can we do? Instead of going back to the Caucasus we’re going to bring the Caucasus to us by holding a big party in Zebegény in the Hungarian countryside.

While we will never capture the true, authentic vibe of actually being in Georgia or Armenia, since there is no way we can beat the Caucasians at their game, we’re going to do our best to party like a Caucasian.


Uncorking Armenia’s Wine History

Armenia might not have the world reputation of being a wine country the way other countries like France are seen, and often Armenia’s historic wine making legacy is eclipsed by neighbouring Georgia. While we love Georgian wine, and we’ve had our own fair share of Saperavi on the road, there is something about Armenian wine that we continue to love.

Armenia’s Wine History

And we’re not the only ones with that opinion, since Armenian wines are now making it onto Western markets and garnering attention from oenophiles the world over. Not only that, back in 2011 archaeologists found that Armenia is home to the world’s oldest winery – in the caves right by Areni, a place we know and love on our rallies.

What’s the difference between a Caucasian party and a normal party?

Caucasians love to party, and boy don’t we know it. We’ve got the scars and the missing brain-cells from vodka, brandy and chacha-laden nights and all night marathons out in various Caucasian cities to prove it.



Since coming back from the 7th Caucasian Challenge, we’re getting withdrawal symptoms for our adrenaline filled lives in the Caucasus Mountains. Unexpected khinkali cravings, breaking out the bottle of terrible wine we bought by the roadside that tastes as bad as it looks because we’re desperate for a glass of Saperavi or Areni.

Caucasian parties are something else, and to prove it, we’re going to give you a low-down on what makes them just so different.


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