From Before Christ to Post-Dubsteppe: Armenian Music – Part Two


Welcome back. Continuing from Part One, today we’ll be peering at the peerless world of musical repartee that Armenian jazz encapsulates. Enjoy.

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From Before Christ to Post-Dubsteppe: Armenian Music – Part One

With three out of the four artists in last week’s piece being musicians, if you too are starting to have an inkling that this may not be random at all, and there is much, much more musical talent to have sprung from Armenia, you’d be dead on. Music has been in the very lifeblood of Armenians since time immemorial –since the second millennium BC, according to records. Over and above being the backbone of culture, it has also played a huge role in the formation of national identity, consciousness, and spiritual values.  We had to know more – so we took a deep breath, donned our time travel cloaks and took a dive down the spiraling vortex of Armenian music through the ages. Here’s what we found.


Sayat Nova, Armenian music

A popular rendering of Sayat Nova. Source: Ajam Media Collective


Four Armenian Artists You May not have Heard of

Armenian artist

Charles Aznavour. Source: wikimedia commons

Okay, first off: no characters will be devoted to any Cher- or Kardashian-related matters, great or even greater, not so much for fear of being the straw that breaks the camel’s back, as the thread that turns the already-overstretched fabric of the interwebs inside out and sends it into an oblivion-bound tailspin, with its voluptuous tassels of teen wannabes’ Instagram/Pinterest/whatevs accounts flapping in the breeze. No. Armenia has produced some very talented artists in the last century who populate the worlds of music, comedy, drama, film and more in great numbers who are nowhere near as known to the under-35 demographic as they deserve to be. It is them we’ll be looking at today.


Four Ways Pushing Your Boundaries Really is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Okay, okay – we know that we may very well be preaching to the converted here. Nevertheless, we’ll take this detour to the realm of reason where brain might get a (migratory) bird’s eye view of what brawn already instinctively knows – that the benefits you get after stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries can linger far longer than the thrill of the wanderlust thirst quenched. Here are the four biggies how.


gift, pushing your boundaries

Source: asenat29


“S” is for Suzani: the Splendid World of Uzbek Embroidery

And so, after silk printing and ikat, onto the third amazing member of the Uzbek textile tradition: the splendid world of Suzani, the ancient art of embroidery. Behold the world where magic is wrought with every stitch.


Source: Kellie CA


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