Svaneti – Where Time Stands Still in the Caucasus Mountains


Around Ushguli. Photo by Andrzej Wójtowicz.


In the high Caucasus Mountains of northwestern Georgia there is hidden a place of legends, forgotten by time, isolated from our modern world by more than 4000m high mountain peaks. Locals using sheep skins to sift the rivers for gold in ancient times might have sparked the legend of the Golden Fleece, which Jason and his Argonauts were looking for so desperately. Svaneti is full of wildflower meadows, backdrops of sky high rocky peaks and glaciers and most importantly the signature feature of the area, about 175 koshkebi – defensive stone towers mostly built between the 9th and 12th century. 

Lake Sevan – The Jewel of Armenia

lake sevan

The jewel from the sky. Photo by Камалян001.


On our tour across the Caucasus we will pass by Lake Sevan, aka the “Jewel of Armenia”. During the middle ages due to its size also known as Sea of Gegham, Lake Sevan is with a location on 1,900m above sea level and a length of 74km  one of the largest freshwater high-altitude lakes in Eurasia.



The Black Sea Region of Turkey- Between Clouds and the Ocean

The Black Sea to the north, high mountain ranges to the south – the Black Sea Region of Turkey is many things, but definitely not easily accessible. It is a place of ancient legends – Jason and the Argonauts passed by on their search for the Golden Fleece and it is the home of the most fearsome women of all time, the Amazon warriors and their queen Hippolyte. It is a place of dampness, rain and clouds built up by the mountains, forming an impassable barrier. It is a place of rocky beaches, narrow gorges and lush, green forests and meadows.

black sea region of turkey
Photo by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden.


Visa Regulations of the Caucasian Countries

Preparing the visa for your next trip can be – frankly said –  quite a pain in the behind.  But since there is just no way around it, we’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you – life will get tough enough, once your adventure with the Caucasian Challenge has started after all! Our outline of the visa regulations of the Caucasian countries which you’ll visit with us will give you a good head start in the visa process.

visa regulations of the caucasian countries

Photo by hil.


New Year’s Eve in the Caucasus

People celebrate New Year’s Eve all over the world. How they do it, and what exactly they celebrate – now that’s where it gets interesting. How do, say, people in the countries on the route of the Caucasian Challenge throw the old calendar away? This is what you would be doing if you were there tomorrow!

Tbilisi Georgia New Year's Eve fireworks

“Don’t forget to load the gun with tracers, Dear!” New Year’s Eve in Tbilisi is quite the bang   Photo: Vladimer Shioshvili


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