Tbilisi (GE) – Camp Sevan (AM) – Day 8 of the Caucasian Challenge 2014 – Welcome to Armenia!

After a full day of resting, on the eighth day of our adventure in the Caucasus we were full of energy, and prepared to say goodbye to lovely Georgia.

Camping at Lake Sevan

Setting up camp at Lake Sevan, Armenia

The only ones who stayed behind were the guys from Rabbit Software, who decided to wait for their companions. The rest of us continued our journey to Lake Sevan, Armenia. And boy, it was quite an adventure!  (more…)

Ambrolauri (GE) – Tbilisi (GE) – Day 6 of the Caucasian Challenge 2014 – An easy drive to Tbilisi

Last night a massive storm hit the Western part of Georgia, knocking the power out in some of the more remote villages and towns in the area.


The beautiful Georgian capital – Tbilisi

But thunder does not scare the brave adventurers of the Caucasian Challenge, who also had plenty of wine to help them sleep through it like babies.  (more…)

Ambrolauri and Khvanchkara Vineyards, the Best Place For Georgian Wine

A small town in Western Georgia, Ambrolauri is the regional capital of the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions, and a place all wine lovers should visit.

Georgian vineyards

The town was first mentioned in the 17th century, when it was known as one of the residences of the kings of Imereti. Most of the former royal complex has been destroyed, but visitors can still see the ruins of a church and an old tower.  (more…)

Mestia (GE) – Ambrolauri (GE) – Day 5 of the Caucasian Challenge 2014 – Georgian Wine Heaven

Our adventure in the Caucasus takes us through three off-road trails, and the journey from Mestia to Ambroulari was our second such trail. And when we say off-road, we don’t just mean “bumpy”; we’re talking dusty, rocky mountain paths that can take several hours to cross.

Georgian wine

Enjoying some Georgian wine with the locals

Some trails can’t be done with 2 wheel drive, and this is where we usually tell adventurers to expect the worst, including unpredictable or impracticable roads. Luckily we don’t mind wrecking the cars we’re driving, because we know the experience is 100% worth it. And if you look at the happy faces in the photo, you can understand why. (more…)

Kutaisi (GE) – Mestia (GE) – Day 4 of the Caucasian Challenge 2014 – Doing the Chacha

We all had a very interesting day yesterday, but it was time for us to continue our journey and head for Mestia. We left early in the morning, although we only had 253 km to cover. Even so, one never knows what unexpected surprises await on the road.

Caucasian Challenge

The brave drivers who survived the Chacha Challenge

And we had our fair share of those too. Today, it was the Hungarians’ turn to have car problems. They had some electrical problems and ended up changing the car battery. Other than that, we have a pretty relaxed and smooth trip. We stopped again in Zugdidi to have lunch, then drove on to Mestia(more…)

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