Seven Reasons to Visit Yerevan

While Tbilisi gets all the love in the Caucasus, Yerevan is often left as an after thought. Which is a pity, because Yerevan has a lot to offer its visitors. We love Yerevan, and we’re going to tell you why you should love Yerevan too!

Visit Yerevan

The Fall and Rise of Stepanakert, Nagorno-Karabakh’s Capital City

Originally called Vararakn, Stepanakert is the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, and also the republic’s largest city. About 53,000 ethnic Armenians live here.


The settlement was first mentioned in historical records as Vararakn. This name was used until 1847, when the city was renamed Khankendi. The name used today was given later by the Soviet government, in honor of Stepan Shahumyan, the Armenian leader of the 26 Baku Commissars.  (more…)

Kapan, Another Must-See Sight in Armenia

Formerly known as Kafan and Madan, Kapan is an Armenian town located on the slopes of Mount Khustup, more than 300 km from the capital Yerevan. It’s the most populous settlement in the southern part of the country.


Kapan’s surroundings were first mentioned in the 5th century. Its name originates from the Armenian word kapel, which means “to lock”. (more…)

Agdam, a Ghost Town in Nagorno Karabakh

Agdam is probably one of the strangest places you’ll come across when traveling in the Caucasus. In 1993, this Azeri town was captured by the forces of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, after which its entire population fled East.

The ghost town of Agdam

Today, the settlement is completely abandoned. The Armenian forces destroyed part of it, and later the town was looted for construction materials.  (more…)

Kapan (AM) – Yerevan (AM) – Day 11 of the Caucasian Challenge 2014 – The Goodbye Party

We woke up knowing this was the last day of our adventure in the Caucasus. Those of us who wanted to get to Yerevan in time for the goodbye party, and still have a chance to visit a few new places on the way, had to leave in a bit of a hurry.

Yerevan City

Yerevan, the beautiful Armenian capital

Knowing that at the end of the day, when we finally reach our destination, we’ll be able to put away our car keys and just relax motivated us to get out of bed and start moving.  (more…)

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