News from the countries we visit

Thought I’d collect some info about the everyday life of the countries we visit.

Very promising.
Much more exciting than visiting Switzerland, right? 🙂

Kosovo is still a great mystery, but I think these guys will figure out what they want to do with their lives and their country by the time we get there… same thing in Armenia where we just hope that recent riots are only the natural consequences of recent elections and will settle down soon.

More annoying fact is the fights in Mountanious Karabah. These idiots managed to keep cease fire for about 14 years and now when we’re planning a trip there they start shooting again. Typical.

Some links for you to read.
Happy reading!

This is about Kosovo.

This one as well.

Yerevan after the elections.

Yerevan again.

The Karabah conflict.

More Karabah news.

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