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The Action Hero Toolkit

Action Hero Toolkit

A MacGyver inspired Action Hero Toolkit.

Ifixit‘ MacGyver like action hero toolkit in a Altos-tin-sized-tin. It includes a bobby pin, a match, a rubber band, bubble gum, a birthday candle, a paper clip (natch), a shoelace, a 1 cent stamp and duct-tape.

‘His ingenious solutions earned our admiration. His bold hair style earned our affection.

Whenever a truck is fixed with a basketball hoop, MacGyver is there. Whenever binder clips keep computer cables in order, MacGyver is there. And whenever duct tape is used in space, MacGyver is there. He permeates pop culture and inspires our mission.’

We put our toolkit building prowess to its ultimate test. Behold the fruit of our labor: the Action Hero Toolkit. Arm yourself with everything you need to MacGyver your way out of any problem.’