flags of the caucasian challenge

How ’bout simply landing in Istanbul with a suitcase in your hand just one night before the start?

We know some of you won’t have the time to bother with buying a car just for the rally then try to figure out how to sell it after the event.
Maybe you come from a distant corner of the World and you only want to enjoy the challenge without taking care of preparations and thinking of what to do with the car after the rally. Making your life easier we offer you our fully equipped expedition vehicles available for rental.

Due to the ever changing fleet please contact us in advance what is available for the next event.
All the vehicles are fully equipped with rally and camping gears:

  • jerry cans (for fuel and for water)
  • a proper jack
  • tow rope
  • medical kit
  • spare wheel
  • toolbox
  • tents (2 second pop-up tent/person)
  • self-inflatable mattresses
  • camping table and chairs
  • gas stove with gas cartridges
  • 12-to-230 Volt  inverter
  • survival kit

The cars can be picked up at the start and dropped off at the finish.