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flags of the caucasian challenge


The Caucasian Challenge is unique in almost everything, especially that we don’t tell you want kind of vehicle you have to use. Go nuts! Custom hot rod with rockets on the back? OK, but mind the speed limit. Or if your only option is grandpa’s 1973 Mini or Vespa, that’s okay too. Obviously having a high-end, 4-wheel drive vehicle will make the journey more comfortable. But is that really what you want? Some of the best times we’ve ever had have been broken down in the middle of nowhere. It’s more than just a fantastic story; it’s a great way to step outside the dull safety net you’re tied into now. What if you have the soul of a great explorer but a bank account like the rest of us? Luckily there’s a bunch of ways to get around that.


If you’re not sure what to drive, we can help. If you want to make your life easier and fly into Budapest and buy a car here, we can help you in delivering a vehicle of your choice and budget so by the time you reach Hungary you have your rally car ready for you. Just collect all your questions and ideas and contact us!

Don’t want to bother with buying and preparing a vehicle? Rent one of our ready-to-go expedition cars! See all the details here.


As a minimal assistance event, we don’t tell you what to do or how to do it.
We’ve held similar races in exotic places all over the globe and discovered that
you have a better time when there’s no one holding your hand.

The first decision: what category do you fit in?


1. Touring

Like to check out the scenery? If you enjoy doing things your way, trying alternative routes or just drinking coffee with locals and having a good time then the touring category is for you.

There are no rules, no cut-off times and no scoring. Just try to get to the destination every day, sometimes it’s a pretty nice challenge itself. You’ll have time to party without early morning wake up.

2. Extreme

Do you think the route is not challenging enough with a regular car? Did you manage to buy an old pile of rust and bet your mates it won’t fall into pieces after driving 20 miles? Did more than 3 people tell you in the past couple of months that you’re insane? Then you’re the man we need!

Get a vehicle older than 30 years, sign up for this category and show the world that you can make it! And we honour your efforts with a special discount.